21 mars 2017

Kiosk literature of Silver Age Spain

Jeffrey Zamostny & Susan Larson
(edited by...)

Kiosk literature of Silver Age Spain
Modernity and mass culture

Intellect & The University of Chicago Press
Bristol, U.K. & Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
494 pages, 2017
ISBN : 978-1-78320-665-0

Table of illustrations
Note on translations
Commonly cited literary collections

Introduction : Kiosk literature and the enduring ephemeral
     by Jeffrey Zamostny
1. Literary collections
        by Alberto Sánchez Álvarez-Insúa
2. Between secrets and simulations : Women writers in La Novela de Noche
        by Carmen M. Pujante Segura
3. Backward modernity ? The masculine lesbian in spanish sicaliptic literature
        by Itziar Rodríguez de Rivera
4. Literary medicine, medical literature : César Juarros and La Novela de Hoy
        by Ryan A. Davis
5. Celebrity, sex, and mass readership : The case of Álvaro Retana
        by Noël Valis 
6. Virtual Álvaro Retana : Recovery and fandom in the digital age
        by Jeffrey Zamostny
7. Cinema literacy in cinema fan magazines and the Novela Cinematográfica
        by Eva Woods Peiró

Color Section (cover illustrations)

8. Technology, cosmopolitanism, and female sexuality in La Novela semanal
Cinematográfica (1922-32)
        by Patricia Barrera Velasco
9. La Novela Feminina : a collection by women writers in the 1920s 
        by Ángela Ena Bordonada
10. Getting away with wife murder : Article 438 in the press and popular fiction
        by Leslie Maxwell Kaiura
11. Carmen de Burgos : Teaching women of the Modern Age
        by Michelle M. Sharp
12. Sports-themed kiosk novelettes and the Silver Age debate on tradition and modernity
        by Luis F. Cuesta
13. Joaquín Belda's "Tourist postcards" : The origin and foil of his novels (1924-31)
        by Manuel Martínez Arnaldos
14. Reading and the street : an inventory of Madrid kiosks in 1911
        by Edward Baker
15. Modeling kiosk literary collections for the Mnemosyne Digital Library
        by Dolores Romero López, José Luis Bueren Gómez-Acebo & Joaquín Gayoso-Cabada
Conclusion : Kiosk literature as a geography of cultural objects
        by Susan Larson

Works cited

La Brigandine. Les dessous d'une collection

Vincent Roussel

La Brigandine
Les dessous d'une collection

Artus Films
Alignan du vent, France
474 pages, 2017
ISBN : 978-2-9548435-6-8

Généalogie d'une collection
     (entretien avec Frank Evrard)
Annoncer la foudre
     (Quand érotisme, politique et critique sociale font bon ménage)
La révolution sans culotte
     (Histoire des collections Bébé Noir et La Brigandine)
Un éditeur : Henri Veyrier
     (Portrait et témoignage)
Un directeur de collection : Jean Claude Hache

Auteurs et volumes des collections Bébé Noir et La Brigandine
     Jacques Boivin
     Philipe Bordier et Monika Swuine
     Jean Pierre Bouyxou
     René Broca
     Pierre Dubois
     Barbara Feige
     Bernard Fillaire
     Jimmy Garcia
     Pierre Laurendeau
     Nicolas Le Scanff
     Raphaël-G. Marongiu
     Dominique Nangis
     Alain Paucard
     Frank Reichert
     Yak Rivais
     Jean-Marie Souillot
     Laurence Souillot
     Jean Streff
     Raoul Vaneigem et Marie-France Planeix
     Jean Louis Vilier

Les titres auxquels vous avez échappé (ou pas)
Le Bébé Noir et la censure
     (Entretien avec Bernard Joubert)
La Brigandine : les origines d'un nom
     (Entretien avec Lisbeth Rocher)
Une collection subversive carabinée ?
     (Entretien avec Noël Godin)
Bande à part 
     (Entretien avec Monika Swuine)
En effeuillant les couvertures...
Bibliographie sélective

21 janvier 2017

The author's & writer's Who's Who (1960 edition)

L.G. Pine

The author's & writer's Who's Who

Burke's Peerage Limited
London, U.K.
XXVI + 454 pages

List of biographies in Addendum

     (438 pages)
     (16 pages)

The author's & writer's Who's Who (1948-49 edition)

L.G. Pine

The author's & writer's Who's Who
& reference guide

Shaw Publishing
London, U.K.
XXXII + 800 pages, 1948-49

     Foreword by the editor
     Review of publishing since 1939
          by Edmond Seagrave
     Official War Books
General aricles
     The institute of journalists
          by Stewart Nicholson
     The international organisation of journalists
     The national union of journalists
          by C.J. Bundock
     The incorporated society of authors, playwrights and composers
     Books in braille for the blind
          by J. De La Mare Rowley
     The newspaper press fund
     The central office of information
     The arts council of Grat Britain
          by E.W. White
     The British Council
     The department of scientific and industrial research
     H.M. stationery office
     The P.E.N.
          by Hermon Ould
     The Royal Society of London
     The British Academy
     The science museum and science museum library
Section One
     Author's and writer's Who's Who 
     (605 pages of biographies)
Section Two : Legal information
          by F.H. Cowper, Barrister at Law
     Agreements between author and publisher
     International copyright
     Libel and the writer
     Obscene libel
     The writer and income tax
     Recent legal decisions
Section Three : Reference and authorities
     The House of Lords library
          by Charles Clay, C.B.
     Libraries and library services
     Literary associations, clubs, societies and institutions
     Sources of information
     P.R.O. register
     Literary awards
     Glossary of journalistic terms
     Proof reader's marks
Section Four : Literary markets and requirements
     The british press in wartime
          by A.J. Cummings
     British newspapers and periodicals
     Periodicals classified by subject
     Overseas newspapers
     The short story
          by L.A.G. Strong
     British book publishers
     The book trade since 1939
          by Christina Foyle
     Overseas book publishers
     The public, science and the press
          by Ritchie Calder
     Film producing companies
     Markets for plays
     Song publishers
     B.B.C. Children's Hour
          by Derek McCulloch, O.B.E.
     B.B.C. requirements
     Film script and scenario writers
Section Five : Authors' and artists' agents
     Maxims for would-be authors
          by John Lehmann
     Literary, dramatic, film and lecture agents
     News agencies
     Art agents and their artists
     Press agents
     American feature syndicates
Section Six : Services for the author
     Trends in modern design
     Typist and typewriting agencies
     Translators' register
     Press and commercial photographers
     Press cutting agents
     Process engravers
     Literary courses and services
     Art schools' directory
Section Seven : Conclusion
     Writers' specialities
     Pen names
     List of abbreviations
     General index
     Index to advertisers

20 janvier 2017

Who's Hugh ? an SF reader's guide to pseudonyms

Roger Robinson

Who's Hugh ?

An SF reader's guide 
to pseudonyms

Beccon Publications
Harold Wood, Essex, U.K.
174 pages, 1987
ISBN : 1-870824-01-6
(hardbound edition)

Notes on sequence
Request for help
Reasons for pseudonyms
Detailed description of layout
Sample entries with explanations
List of source works consulted

Main listings
     - Even pages : pseudonym to real name listing
     - Odd pages : real name to pseudonym listing

La vie extraordinaire de Barbara Cartland

Gwen Robyns

La vie extraordinaire de Barbara Cartland

translation of :
"Barbara Cartland : an authorised biography"
by Hélène Totchilkine

Paris, France
426 pages, 1988
ISBN : 2-235-01789-4

     by Alice Saunier-Seïté

(31 chapters without name)

Ouvrages cités traduits en français
Œuvres de Barbara Cartland chez Tallandier

Earth is the alien planet

David Pringle

Earth is the alien planet
J.G. Ballard's four-dimensional nightmare

Milford Series n° 26 
R. Reginald / Borgo Press
San Bernardino, California, U.S.A.
64 pages, 1979
ISBN : 0-89370--138-6
ISSN : 0163-2469
(paperback edition)

1. Introduction
2. The fourfold symbolism
3. The lamia, the jester, and the king : Ballard's characters
4. Imprisonment and flight : Ballard's themes
Bibliography of J.G. Ballard's novels and short story collections 
Bibliography of criticism and secondary sources


The Tanelorn archives

Richard Bilyeu

The Tanelorn archives

A primary and secondary bibliography of
the works of Michael Moorcock, 1949-1979

Pandora's Books
Manitoba, Canada
110 pages, 1981
no ISBN on the book
(bound edition)

Moorcock publications
Cover and inside blurb quotes from Moorcock
Comic books and strips
Films and related material
Moorcock influenced material - Fiction
Moorcock influenced material - Non fiction
Related posters, portfolios, art books, etc...
War games
Appendix 1 : The Avon and Daw problem
Appendix 2 : Notes

The art of Reginald Heade

Stephen James Walker

The art of Reginald Heade

Telos Publishing
Bromley, Kent, U.K.
168 pages, 2016
ISBN : 978-1-84583-115-8

Hank Janson
Locker & Co
U.S. editions
Pulps round-up
Girls and boys
Cy Webb
Is it Heade ?
Author's note

19 janvier 2017

Reginald Heade : England's greatest artist

Steve Chibnall

Reginald Heade
England's greatest artist

Books Are Everything
Richmond, Kentucky
58 pages, 1991
no ISBN 

Sinful sisters 
Frails can be so tough
The demon of desire
One man in his time
Brief pleasure
This woman is death
Worrals goes afoot
Too many dames spell trouble
Curves cause trouble
The unseen assassin
Deal me out
Dames are no dice
In for life
Lady, toll the bell
Don't mourn me toots
Reginald Heade : a checklist 1939-1962
Covers as by Cy Webb
Magazine and library covers

The trials of Hank Janson (2004 edition)

Steve Holland

The trials of Hank Janson

The true story behind the censorship
and banning of Hank Janson's books in the U.K.

Telos publishing
Tolworth, Surrey, U.K.
344 pages, 2004
ISBN : 1-903889-84-7


Part 1 : Prelude

1. Learning life's lessons
2. Looking for Miller's farm
3. A glimpse of blue sky
4. A holiday in Spain
5. The Hank Janson treadmill
6. Success story

Part 2 : The trials of Hank Janson

7. Falling into temptation
8. "Like life, maybe with a little extra flavouring"
9. The Hank Janson blues
10. Prosecution
11. Accused
12. The verdict
13. The law stands fast
14. The tide turns

Part 3 : Whatever happened to Hank Janson ?

15. Situation - Grave !
16. A risky business
17. "It takes time to build a Millennium"
18. Ghosts
19. Close to the breadline
20. "Ask all the questions you like"

Appendix 1 : The Hank Janson novels
Appendix 2 : Novels by Stephen Frances
Appendix 3 : Destruction orders issued against Hank Janson titles 1950-1953
Appendix 4 : Schedule of successful prosecutions 1935-1956

The trials of Hank Janson (1991 edition)

Steve Holland

The trials of Hank Janson

Books Are Everything
Richmond, Kentucky, U.S.A.
58 pages, 1991

     by W.O.G. Lofts

The trials of Hank Janson
1. Small beginnings
2. Reaping the whirlwind
3. The first trial of Hank Janson
4. The court of no-appeal
5. The second trial of Hank Janson
6. Alexander Moring and after
7. The end of Hank Janson

The Hank Janson novels
Acknowledgments and sources

18 janvier 2017

The mushroom jungle

Steve Holland

The mushroom jungle
a history of postwar
paperback publishing

Zeon Books
Dilton Marsh, Wiltshire, U.K.
204 pages, 1993
ISBN : 1-874113-01-7


1. Growing pains
2. The rise of the mushroom publishers
3. The new british pulps
4. The mushroom jungle
5. Riders of the range
6. "One and Sixpenny dreadfuls"
7. "The best of the tough gangsters writers"
8. The trials of Hank Janson
9. After the storm
10. Whatever happened to the mushroom publishers ?

Appendix : The horror comics campaign
Select bibliography
About the author

The case of the perplexing pen-names

Steve Holland

The case of the perplexing pen-names

An index to the 3rd and 5th series
of the Sexton Blake Library
and a guide to their authors

CADS supplement n° 3
South Benfleet, Essex, U.K.
58 pages, 1994
no  ISBN

Introduction : Sexton Blake, the famous detective. A history
     by W.O.G. Lofts & Derek Adley
The riddle of the perplexing pen names
Sexton Blake Library : third and fifth series index
Press editorial Syndicate index

Vultures of the void : The legacy

Philip Harbottle

Vultures of the void :
The legacy

Cosmos Books
412 pages, 2011
ISBN : 978-1-60701-149-1

In troduction : Mushroom legacies
Foreword : a personal view
     by E.C. Tubb
Preface : How it all started
     1. The story begins
     2. Science fiction pioneers
     3. The new breed
     4. Brave new (trembling) worlds
     5. The crazy world
     6. Invasion from space
     7. The deluge begins
     8. Authentic Science Fiction
     9. Prisoner in the cellar
     10. Blast-off for space opera
     11. Child of the fifties
     12. American invasion
     13. British hardcover SF
     14. Burn-out for space opera
     15. The end of an era
     16. "A rose by any other name"
     17. Vision of tomorrow : death of a dream
     18. More travails
     19. Vargo Statten returns
     20. Vultures of the void
     21. Legacies
About the author

Vultures of the void

Philip Harbottle & Stephen Holland

Vultures of the void

A history of british science fiction
publishing, 1946-1956

I.O. Evans studies in the philosophy and
criticism of literature, n° 13
R. Reginald / The Borgo Press
San Bernardino, California, U.S.A.
128 pages, 1992
ISBN : 0-89370-415-6
ISSN : 0271-9061
(paperback edition)

Introduction : Forgotten fantasies

1. The story begins
2. The new breed
3. Brave new (trembling) worlds
4. The crazy world
5. Invasion from space
6. The deluge begins
7. Authentic Science Fiction
8. Prisoner in the cellar
9. Blast-off for space opera
10. Child of the fifties
11. Burn out for space opera
12. The end of an era
13. "A rose by any other name..."

About the authors

British science fiction paperbacks and magazines 1949-1956

Philip Harbottle & Stephen Holland

British science fiction
paperbacks and magazines 
An annotated bibliography and guide

Borgo Literary Guide n° 7
R. Reginald / The Borgo Press
San Bernardino, California, U.S.A.
232 pages, 1995
ISBN : 0-8095-1204-1
ISSN : 0891-9623
(paperback edition)

How to use this book

A. Original science fiction paperbacks, 1949-1956
B. Paperback books from established houses, 1949-1956
C. A checklist of british science fiction magazines, 1949-1956
D. A complete author index to the stories in the british science fiction magazines, 1949-1956

Book title index
Short story title index
About the authors

17 janvier 2017

The Multiman

Philip Harbottle

The Multiman
A biographic and bibliographic study of
John Russell Fearn (1908-1960)

Philip James Harbottle
Wallsend, Northumberland, U.K.
70 pages, 1968

Essay :

The ultimate analysis

Bibliography :

1. Science fiction and fantasy
2. Detective and mystery
3. Westerns
4. Romances
5. Film magazines

(note : with many manuscript annotations by Philip Harbottle)

The file on Ramsey Campbell

Michael Ashley (compiled by)

The file on Ramsey Campbell

Fantasy Readers Guide n° 2
Cosmos Literary Agency
Wallsend, U.K.
62 pages, 1980

Unshackled from shadow
     by Mike Ashley
As far as I can recall...
     by Ramsey Campbell
Where it all began
     by George MacDonald
Before the storm (short fiction)
     by Ramsey Campbell
Ramsey Campbell : an appreciation
     by T.E.D. Klein
Ramsey Campbell : premier stylist
     by Jack Sullivan
Ramsey Campbell : an editor's dream
     by Hugh Lamb
The gap (short fiction)
     by Ramsay Campbell
The file on Ramsey Campbell
     by Mike Ashley
          Biography at a glance
          A. Fiction in order of writing
          B. Fiction in order of publication
          C1. Full bibliography of all short fiction
          C2. Full bibliography of all books
          C3. Full bibliography of all non-fiction
The las word - or rather, the right ones
     by Ramsey Campbell
     (letters to the editor)

16 janvier 2017

Complete index to the John Spencer Fantasy publications (1950-1966)

Michael Ashley

A complete index and annotated
commentary to the John Spencer
Fantasy publications (1950-1966)

Fantasy Readers Guide n° 1
Cosmos Literary Agency
Wallsend, U.K.
54 pages, 1979

Editorial : Behind closed doors
The Spencer publications
Checklist of publications
Issue index
     Futuristic Science Stories
     Tales of tomorrow
     Wonders of the spaceways
     Worlds of Fantasy
     Out of this world
     Supernatural Stories
The science fiction series
Notes on Series
Author index
Fanthorpe and Glasby : Brief biographies
"There's no tomorrow" (short story)
     by E.C. Tubb writing as Charles Gray
"Chronolei" (short story)
     by John Glasby writing as Max Chartair
     by Philip Harbottle

Popular reading and publishing in Britain 1914-1950

Joseph McAleer

Popular reading and publishing
in Britain 1914-1950

Oxford University Press/
Clarendon Press
Oxford, U.K.
XIV + 284 pages, 1992
ISBN / 0-19-820329-2

List of illustrations
List of figures
List of tables

1. Popular reading and publishing 1870-1914
2. "Books are a commodity" : The commercialization of popular fiction
3. "The quickest way out of Glasgow" : Adult reading habits
4. "Take the place of Valium" : Mills & Boon Ltd
5. "We must prevent the leakage" : Children's reading habits
6. "Get me the boy from the age of six" : D.C. Thomson & Co Ltd
7. "The public mind might be diverted" : The religious tract society


15 janvier 2017

The life and works of Alfred Bestall

Caroline G. Bott

The life and works of Alfred Bestall
illustrator of Rupert Bear

London, England, U.K.
338 pages, 2004
ISBN : 0-7475-7336-0
(paperback edition)

     by Sir Paul Mc Cartney

1. The early years
2. The lost years
3. The big shinies
4. Rupert
5. The last years
Alfred Edmeades Bestall journals
     Glossary of Welsh words
     Wales sketchbook : Trefriw, 1912
     Wales sketchbook : Trefriw, 1913
     Egypt, Middle East and Europe sketchbook, 1924

List of AEB's artwork
Edmeades family tree in 1986

14 janvier 2017

A haunt of fears

Martin Barker

A haunt of fears

The strange history of the 
British Horror Comics campaign

Pluto Press
London, England, U.K.
230 pages, 1984
ISBN : 0-86104-751-6


1. Introduction
2. Officially, the Comics Campaign
3. The true story
4. The Campaign narrows
5. Enter the professionals, staged right
6. Frederic Wertham's nightmare
7. The rest of the critics
8. What's in a Comic ?
9. Lucy's tale
10. The genre of Horror
11. Criminal varieties
12. The psychoanalysis of Lucy
13. The contradictions of the Comics Campaign

Appendix : The forgotten cause for concern

The complete catalogue of British Comics

Denis Gifford

The complete catalogue of British Comics
including price guide

Webb & Bower
Exeter, England, U.K.
224 pages, 1985
ISBN : 0-86350-079-X

Part one

Introduction and history
     What is a comic ?
     The first comics
     Adult comics
     The comic boom
     Children's comics
     Comic strips
     Comic heroes
     Comic artists
     Coloured comics
     Comic specials
     Comic supplements
     Giveaway comics
     The Golden Age : the thirties
     The Dark Age : the forties
     Comicbooks : American and British
     The Silver Age : the fifties
     Library comics
     The Television Age : the sixties
     Reprint comics
     Underground comics
     Current comics
     Errors and omissions
Collecting comics
     First editions
     Special editions
     Runs and bound volumes
     Specialized collections
     Collecting comicbooks
     Comic curiosities
     Comic supplements
     Comic spin-offs
     Rare comics
     Buying and selling old comics
     Condition of comics
     Caring for your collection

Part 2

Illustrations (96 pages)

Part 3

How to use the catalogue
The catalogue (107 pages)
Reference books for the collector
Books of interest to the collector
Magazines for the collector
The Association of Comic Enthusiasts

11 janvier 2017

E. Phillips Oppenheim. Een overzicht van de nederlandstalige publicaties in boek- en feuilletonvorm

Rimmer Sterk & Hillebrand Komrij

E. Phillips Oppenheim
Een overzicht van de nederlandstalige publicaties
in boek- en feuilletonvorm

Vereniging FuManchu
320 pages, 2016
ISBN : 978-90-822779-4-4


Hoofdstuk 1. E. Phillips Oppenheim. Levensloop en werken

Hoofdstuk 2. De boekpublicaties
     2.1. Chronologisch overzicht Engelstalige en Nederlandstalige verhalen
     2.2. Overzicht per formulefiguur
          2.2.1. General Besserley
          2.2.2. Nicholas Goade
          2.2.3. Peter Ruff
     2.3. Overzicht per Nederlandse uitgever
          2.3.1. Blankwaart & Schoonhoven
          2.3.2. N.J. Boon
          2.3.3. A.W. Bruna & Zoon's uitgevers-maatschappij
          2.3.4. N.V. Drukkerij Jacob van Campen
          2.3.5. Cohen Zonen
          2.3.6. Uitgeversbedrijf F.I.A.T.
          2.3.7. G.J. Graauw
          2.3.8. N.V. Boekdrukkerij Helmond
          2.3.9. Van Holkema & Warendorf
          2.3.10. Nederlandsche Drukkers- en Uitgevers-maatschappij C. Misset
          2.3.11. A.G. Schoonderbeek
          2.3.12. De Spaarnestad Bibliotheek
          2.3.13. Hollandsche Zakbibliotheek
          2.3.14. N.V.A.W. Segboer's Uitgevers-Maatschappij
          2.3.15. N.V. Seyffardt's Boek- en Muziekhandel
          2.3.16. N.V. Drukkerij- en uigevers-maatschappij De Vlijt
          2.3.17. Weekblad Het Leven
     2.4. Overzicht per Nederlandse vertaler
     2.5. Overzicht per omslagtekenaar
     2.6. Chronologisch overzicht Nederlandse boekpublicaties
          (very detailed listing of 110 books)

Hoofdstuk 3. Nederlandstalige publicaties in feuilletonvorm
     3.1. Verhalen in tijdschriften
          3.1.1. Astra. Geïllustreerd maandschrift
          3.1.2. Limburgsche Illustratie
          3.1.3. Mooi Limburg
          3.1.4. Nova. Ellemer's Nieuw Magazine
          3.1.5. Favoriet
          3.1.6. Kakatoe
          3.1.7. Ideaal. Het kleine magazine
          3.1.8. De stad Amsterdam
     3.2. Verhalen in kranten
          3.2.1. Algemeen Handelsblad
          3.2.2. Alkmaarsche Courant
          3.2.3. Amersfoortsch Dagblad
          3.2.4. Arnhemsche Courant
          3.2.5. Bataviaasch Nieuwsblad
          3.2.6. Bredasche Courant
          3.2.7. Delftsche Courant
          3.2.8. Goessche Courant
          3.2.9. De Gooi- en Eemlander
          3.2.10. Haarlemsch Dagblad
          3.2.11. Haagsche Courant
          3.2.12. Heldersche Courant
          3.2.13. De Indische Courant
          3.2.14. Leuwarder Courant
          3.2.15. Leuwarder Nieuwsblad. Goedkoop advertentieblad
          3.2.16. Leidsch Dagblad
          3.2.17. Middelburgsche Courant
          3.2.18. Nieuwe Apeldoornsche Courant
          3.2.19. Nieuwe Venlosche Courant
          3.2.20. Het Nieuwsblad van den dag voor Nederlandsch-Indië
          3.2.21. Nieuwsblad van Friesland. Hepkema's Courant
          3.2.22. Nieuwsblad van het Noorden
          3.2.23. De Preanger-Bode
          3.2.24. Provinciale Drentsche en Asser Courant
          3.2.25. Provinciale Geldersche en Nijmeegsche Courant
          3.2.26. Provinciale Noordbrabantsche en 's-Hertogenbossche Courant
          3.2.27. Provinciale Noordhollandsche Courant
          3.2.28. Provinciale Zwolsche en Overijsselsche Courant
          3.2.29. Rotterdamsch Nieuwsblad
          3.2.30. Schager Courant
          3.2.31. Schiedamsche Courant
          3.2.32. Soerabajisch Handelsblad
          3.2.33. De Telegraaf
          3.2.34. Tilburgsche Courant
          3.2.35. Twentsch Dagblad Tubantia en Enschedesche Courant
          3.2.36. Utrechtsch Nieuwsblad
          3.2.37. Vlissingsche Courant
          3.2.38. Voorwaarts. Sociaal-Democratisch Dagblad
          3.2.39. Woerdensch Weekblad
          3.2.40. Ijmuider Courant
          3.2.41. De Zuid-Willemsvaart

Bronnen en bibliografie

10 janvier 2017

Anonym- og pseudonym-lexikon ( Ehrencron-Müller )

H. Ehrencron-Müller

Anonym- og pseudonym-lexikon
for Danmark og Island til 1920
og Norge til 1814

H. Hagerup
København, Denmark
392 pages, 1940

Trykfejl og rettelser

09 janvier 2017

Anonymer og pseudonymer i den danske, norske og islandske literatur

E. Collin

Anonymer og pseudonymer i den
danske, norske og islandske literatur
samt i fremmede literaturer, forsaavidt
disse omhandle nordiske forhold,
fra de ældste tider indtil aaret 1860

Commission Hos Jac. Lund.
Kiøbenhavn, Denmark
210 pages, 1869

A. Alphabetisk fortegnelse over anonymt udkomme Skrifter, dog kun forsaavidt forfatteren
          kan opgives
B. Pseudonymer eller antagne Forfatter-Navne
C. Forfattere, der betegnes ved "Forfatter af" (et tidligere trykt) skrift
D. Forfattere, hvis navne betegnes ved fremhævede bogstaver i titelbladets text
E. Forfatter-mærker
F. Forfattere, som betegnes ved deres (virkelige eller foregivne) stilling, nationalitet
          tænkemaade o. desl.
G. Mystificationer og urigtige Forfatter-angivelser
H. Fortegnelse over endeel navne, som efter tidligere tiders brug have faaet et latinsk eller
          græsk tilsnit, med tilhørende forkllaringer
I. Register over de anførte bekjendte forfattere

08 janvier 2017

Happy End

Ebbe Preisler

Happy End

Et essay om ugeblade kiosklitteratur
og en familie i branchen

Gyldendal a/s
København, Denmark
432 pages, 2013
ISBN : 978-87-02-15521-1

a = biografiske kapitler
b og c = faglige kapitler

På den kulørte side af demokratiet
     by Bo Tao Michaëlis
Forord : Happy End ?
Inledning : De to spor
Kapitel 1
     1a. Min far talte altid
     1b. Underholdningsindustri : Folkebøger - Kiosklitteratur
Kapitel 2
     2a. Præsentationsrunde
     2b. Pionererne
Kapitel 3
     3a. Mine forældre bliver kærester
     3b. Ugebladet Hjemmet
Kapitel 4
     4a. Pater Familias
     4b. De to store i 1912
     4c. 1920'erne og 1+30'erne : Tre nye blade
Kapitel 5
     5a. En særpræget samtale
     5b. Hjemmet 1942 - med korte udblik
Kapitel 6
     6a. Venner og Jämtland
     6b. Min fars storhedstid
Kapitel 7
     7a. Familiens hverdag i Virum
     7b. De store kvindeblade 1978
Kapitel 8
     8a. Min fars "sygdomsbillede"
     8b. Nutid
Kapitel 9
     9a. Talen tilmin mor
Start & slut, litteraturklip
TAK til
Litteraturliste / arkivalier
Bogens forfatter

Hvorfor læser vi triviallitteratur ?

Erland Munch-Petersen

Hvorfor læser vi triviallitteratur ?

København, Denmark
136 pages, 1974
ISBN : 87-553-0325-0

Boghandelens masselæsning 1
     Morten Korchh
     Ib Henrik Cavling
     Sven Hazel
Boghandelens masselæsning 2
     Ældre triviallitteratur
     Bilag : Kvantitetsforfattere
Kioskernes masselæsning 1
     Bilag 1 : Fra dansk media index
     Bilag 2 : Handlingsrecept til Perry Mason-film
Kioskernes masselæsning 2
     Bilag : Code of the comics magazine association
     Et historisk eksempel
     Et moderne eksempel

Fortsættes i næste nummer...

Gert Smistrup

Fortsættes i næste nummer...
Masselæsningens mekanik

Berlingske Presse-Bibliotek n° 28
Berlingske Forlag
København, Denmark
144 pages, 1971
ISBN : 87-19-91290-0

Underholdning for hele familien
Historiefortællerne og bestsellerne
Menneskeæderne og faktualfiktionen
Stærkstrømsheltene og -heltinderne
Damegys og dameglæde
Og så levede de lykkeligt
Myterne og konfessionshistorierne
Bjørnens dans