21 avril 2015

Bad Mags. Volume 2

Tom Brinkmann

Bad Mags
Volume 2
The strangest, sleaziest, most unusual
periodicals ever published

London, U.K.
272 pages, 2009
ISBN : 978-1-900486-70-5

Devilish Mags : Monsters & Occult Sex
Sharon Tate : Sixties Sex Goddess in print
Manson : When Satan told the Cult to kill
Myron Fass : Demon God of pulp
Violent World : Mobs, Mayhem, Murder
Punksploitation : Cashing in on Punk

      1. Working at Pendulum, by "Frank Leonard"
      2. The short story & Magazine articles of Ed Wood
Bibliography and selected reading
Index of Magazines for Volume One & Two

Bad Mags. Volume 1

Tom Brinkmann

Bad Mags
Volume 1
The strangest, sleaziest, most unusual
periodicals ever published

London, U.K.
312 pages, 2008
ISBN : 978-1-900486-65-1

Introduction and acknowledgements

Mondo Bizarro Adult slicks
      Titus Moody : Sixties counterculture icon
      Lynn Harrison : Cartoonist in the early adult slicks
Sexploitation Film Slicks, 1963-1973
The 1%ers : Outlaw Riders, Sixties Style
Ed Wood magazine work
      Four Sex Tales : Mags from Gallery Press
      Wood Pulp Associates : "Bunny" Breckinridge, Vampira, et al.

Cult magazines : A to Z

Earl Kemp & Luis Ortiz

Cult magazines : A to Z
a compendium of culturally obsessive
& curiously expressive publications

Nonstop Press
New York, U.S.A.
224 pages, 2009
ISBN : 978-1-933065-14-4

Introduction : Dirty laundry, by Luis Ortiz
Magazine sizes

Acme News Company to The Avenger
Ballyhoo to Brain Power
Captain Billy's Whiz Bang to Creem
Daring Doll to Deam World
Elvis Presley to Eyeful
Face & Physique to Future Sex
Gasm to Ghost Stories
Health Knowledge to Humorama
I.F. Stone's Weekly to Imagination
Jack Dempsey's Fight to Jungle Stories
Knight Magazine to Lunatickle
Magazine of Fantasy & SF to Mystic
Nemesis to Nocturne
Operator #5 to The Organ
Pearson's Magazine to Punk
Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine
Ray Gun to Rogue Magazine
Satana to Super-8 Film Maker
Tales of Magic & Mystery to True Strange Stories
Uncanny Tales to Volitant Publishing
Weider Magazines to World War 3 Illustrated
The Yellow Peril to Your Body
Zane Grey's Western Magazine to Zest


Weird Tales in the thirties

Reginald Smith

Weird Tales in the thirties

Privately published by the author
Santa Ana, California, U.S.A.
42 pages, 1966

Weird Tales in the thirties
( no chapters )

The Weird Tales Story

Robert Weinberg & others

The Weird Tales story

Fax Collector's editions
West Linn, Oregon, U.S.A.
X + 134 pages, 1977
ISBN : 0-913960-16-0


1. A brief history
2. Farnsworth Wright,  by E. Hoffmann Price
3. Why Weird Tales ?
4. The stories
      The Baird issues
      The Wright issues
      The McIlwraith issues
5. Recollections of Weird Tales by :
      Frank Belknap Long 
      Greye La Spina
      H. Warner Munn
      Robert E. Howard
      Edmond Hamilton
      Wallace West
      Manly Wade Wellman
      Carl Jacobi
      Robert Bloch
      Robert Barbour Johnson
      Lee Brown Coye
      Joseph Payne Brennan
6. Cover art
7. Interior art
8. Beginnings and ends
9. Out of the Eyrie
10. Competition
11. A brief resurrection

28 février 2015

Bibliography of australian children's books (1970)

Marcie Muir

A bibliography of australian
children's books

André Deutsch
London, U.K.
1038 pages, 1970
ISBN : 0-233-96057-0

List of illustrations
A note on the illustrations
Reference key
Key to abbreviations used

A bibliography of australian children's books
A select bibliography of the South-West Pacific area

Note : the colors of the upper part of  my copy's cover are faded
( normal color is orange, not yellow )

Australian crime fiction

John Loder

Australian Crime Fiction
a bibliography
1857 - 1993

D.W. Thorpe
in association with the
National Centre for Australian Studies
Port Melbourne, Australia
XIV + 288 pages, 1994
ISBN : 1-875589-51-1

Foreword, by Stuart Coupe
Sample entry
Key to sources

Australian Crime Fiction 1857-1993

Title index
Illustrators, jacket artists, designers and photographers index
Investigators and criminals index

Australian science fiction index 1968-1975

Graham Stone

Australian science fiction index
1968 - 1975

Australian Science Fiction Association
Sydney, Australia
VIII + 48 pages, 1976


          Amazing Science Stories
          Vision of Tomorrow

Author index
Title index

Australian science fiction index 1925-1967

Graham Stone

Australian science fiction index
1925 - 1967

Australian Science Fiction Association
Camberra, Australia
VIII + 158 pages, 1968 reprinted in 1972


          Thrills Incorporated
          Future Science Fiction
          Popular Science Fiction
          Orbit Science Fiction
          The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
          Selected Science Fiction Magazine
          Science-Fiction Monthly

Numbered series
          Science Fiction Library
          Satellite series

Unnumbered series
          Scientific Thriller
          Fantasy Fiction
          American Science Fiction

Author index
Title index
Notes on magazines and series

Australian vintage paperback guide

Graeme Flanagan

Australian vintage paperback guide

Gryphon Books
Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.
228 pages, 1994
ISBN : 0-936071-38-9


Part 1 : Horwitz Books
Part 2 : Horwitz Books, Single author series
     Horwitz pseudonyms
Part 3 : Cleveland Publishing Company
     Cleveland pseudonyms
Part 4 : Original Novels Foundation
Part 5 : Other publishers

Afterword, by Gary Lovisi

Australian literary pseudonyms

Bruce Nesbitt & Susan Hadfield

Australian literary pseudonyms
an index
with selected New Zealand references

Libraries Board of South Australia
Adelaide, Australia
VIII + 134 pages, 1972
ISBN : 0-7243-0032-5

Australian literary pseudonyms
     ("entries marked with an asterisk indicate an author or the pseudonym of an author associated
     with New Zealand")

08 janvier 2015

They shoot Writers, don't they ?

"They shoot Writers, don't they ?"

edited by George Theiner

Faber & Faber
London, UK, 
200 pages, 1985
ISBN : 0-571-13260-X


Introduction.  George Theiner
Note.  Stephen Spender

How Index on Censorship started.  Michael Scammel
God keep me from going mad.  Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Letter to Europeans.  George Mangakis
All you need is a typewriter.  Jan Vladislav
Variation on a theme.  Ivan Klíma
Open letter to President Husák.  Tom Stoppard
Free thoughts on toilet paper.  Ngũgĩ Wa Thiong'o
Camara Laye - Involuntary exile.  Denis Herbstein
Searching for the truth.  Wei Jingsheng
Casualties of censorship.  Salman Rushdie
Manuscripts banned and destroyed.  Pramoedya Ananta Toer
From the darkness.  Kim Chi-Ha
My ten uncensorable years, or how liver-sausage lost its political implications.
          Stanislaw Barańczak
19-500 Goldap.  Anka Kowalska
The last time I went to press.  Victor Nekrasov
The censor.  Ivan Kraus
A cup of coffee with my interrogator.  Ludvík Vaculík
Slit lips.  Samih Al-Qasim
Dr Azudi, the professional.  Reza Baraheni
Eyewitness to death.  Muzaffer Erdost
Stop the lie.  Sipho Sepamla
A writer's freedom.  Nadine Gordimer
For a cent.  Don Mattera
The failure of censorship.  André Brink
Comedy is everywhere.  Milan Kundera
You have insulted me : a letter.  Kurt Vonnegut
The writer in latin America.  Mario Vargas Llosa
Something more than words.  Julio Cortázar
Witness in difficult times.  Rodolfo Walsh
Last will and testament.  Ariel Dorfman
In defence of the Word.  Eduardo Galeano

Index on Censorship.

27 novembre 2014

De nyere kulørte hæfter

Knud Nielsen

De nyere kulørte hæfter

Resten af historien om et pudsigt fænomen -
et af kulturhistoriens oversete kapitler

Eget Forlag
Frederiksberg, Denmark
64 pages, 1994
ISBN : 87-981264-1-5


I. Et par ord til eftertanke
II. Forlagene
III. De "u-kulørt" hæfter
IV. Hæfte-"kongen" Aage Christtreu
V. Forfatterne
VI. Tegnerne

I. Christtreu / Ark-serier
II. De nyere hæfter (efter 1930)
III. De gamle hæfter (før 1930)
     (Supplements-afsnit til bogen "De gamle kulørte hæfter", 1983)

26 novembre 2014

De gamle kulørte hæfter

Knud Nielsen

De gamle kulørte hæfter

Et pudsigt fænomen- og et af
kulturhistoriens oversete kapitler

Eget Forlag
Frederiksberg, Denmark
96 pages, 1983
ISBN : 87-981264-0-7

I. Sådan begyndte det
II. En dansk seriehæfte-matador
III. Litteraturselskabet
IV. Mange om markedet
V. Litteraturselskabets serier
     a. Børne serier
     b. Westernserier
     c. Kriminalserier
     d. Andre serier
     e. Lord Percy Stuart
VI. Serie-fortegnelse
VII. Titel-fortegnelse

Triviallitteratur Kriminalromaner Science-Fiction

Merete Licht

Triviallitteratur Kriminalromaner Science-Fiction

Det Kongelige Bibliotek
Fagbibliografier n° 9
København, Denmark
64 pages, 1980

     Bibliografier og håndbøger
     Litteratur om enkelte forfattere
Science Fiction
     Bibliografier og håndbøger
     Litteratur om enkelte forfattere
Litteratursøgning i det Kongelige Biblioteks systematiske kataloger
Udenlandske afdeling
Danske afdeling

Til Lykke Henry !

Til Lykke Henry !

Special number of  "Sherlockiana"
Meddelelser fra Sherlock Holmes Klubben
i Danmark. The danish BSI
København, Denmark
32 pages, 1988
ISSN : 0902-0330

Henry Lauritzen fylder firs !
Henry Lauritzen turns eighty !
The Jezail Bulletin
Silver Blaze sweepstakes og Professor Moriarty memorial, by Henry Lauritzen
Mysteriet Lauritzen, by Niels Birger Wamberg
Mit første Møde med Henry, by Tage la Cour
Mit første Møde med Henry, by Aage Rieck Sørensen
Mit første Møde med Henry, by Hanne Rieck Sørensen
Mit første Møde med en Gentleman, by Anders Fage-Pedersen
Aabent Brev til Henry, by Bjarne Nielsen, BSI
55 år med Henry, by Åke Runnquist, BSI
When I first met Henry Lauritzen, by John Bennett Shaw, BSI
The first time I met Henry Lauritzen, by Jon L. Lellenberg, BSI
Henry : 80 not out, by Stanley MacKenzie, BSI
Fra Batignolles til Baker Street, by Nils Nordberg, BSI
Skrevet af Henry / Henry Lauritzen Bibliografi, by Bjarne Nielsen, BSI

Hundra år med Holmes

Hundra år med Holmes

Malmö Stadsbibliotek
24 pages, 1987

Hundra år med Holmes : catalog of the Malmö exhibition, 9-29 march 1987

Sagen om de forsvundne papirer

Bjarne Nielsen

Sagen om de forsvundne papirer

Bjarne Nielsen self-publication
København, Denmark
32 pages, 1990

Sagen om de forsvundne papirer
(illustrations by Henry Lauritzen)

Publication for Tage la Cour 75th birthday

Sherlock Holmes contra Silver Blaze

Tage Becker

Sherlock Holmes contra Silver Blaze

En Skandale i Sort Rødt
Med bistand af Dr Watson
og Mycroft Holmes

Rosenkilde og Bagger
København, Denmark
100 pages, 1961

Sherlock Holmes contra Silver Blaze

(Sherlock Holmes pastiche)

25 novembre 2014

En studie i rødt

Bjarne Nielsen

En studie i rødt

København, Denmark
12 pages, 1984
ISBN : 87-88469-04-2

En studie i rødt

(Oprindelig holdt som foredrag i Sherlock Holmes Klubben i Danmark, januar 1981)

Holmes og Larven

Anthony Berkeley

Holmes og Larven / Holmes and the Dasher

Copenhagen, Denmark
12 pages, 1990
ISBN : 87-88469-15-8

Forord, by Bjarne Nielsen
Holmes and the dasher
Holmes og larven
Afterword, by Bjarne Nielsen

(Holmes pastiche from 1925, translated in danish by Bjarne Nielsen)

A case of identity

Anders Fage-Pedersen

A case of identity

Antikvariat Pinkerton
Copenhagen, Denmark
16 pages, 1981

A case of identity

(Essay from 1963, translated in english by Bjarne Nielsen)

My dear Watson

Henry Laùritzen

My dear Watson

Antikvariat Pinkerton
Copenhagen, Denmark
36 pages, 1982

My dear Watson

(Essay from 1954, translated in english by Bjarne Nielsen)

24 novembre 2014

Den forsvundne Hamlet

Vincent Starrett

Den forsvundne Hamlet

Sherlock Holmes løser et bibliofilt problem

Rosenkilde og Bagger
København, Denmark
52 pages, 1952

Sherlock Holmes og Hans Gengangere, by Tage la Cour
Den forsvundne Hamlet, by Vincent Starrett
(translation of "The unique Hamlet", 1920; by Grete Jacobsen)

Sherlock Holmes in Denmark

Bjarne Nielsen

Sherlock Holmes in Denmark

A check-list of danish editions of the Canon
and the writings about the Writings in Denmark

Antikvariat Pinkerton
Copenhagen, Denmark
70 pages, 1987
ISBN : 87-88469-11-5

English first editions of the Canon
Jay Finlay Christ's list of abbreviations
Danish editions of the Canon
English editions (abbreviated and simplified for use in schools)  printed in Denmark
The Writings about the Writings,  by Jeppe Hansen, Bjarne Nielsen, Aage Rieck Sørensen, and
     Niels Birger Wamberg
Index of danish titles from the Canon
Index of english titles from the Canon with their danish translation
Index of titles from "Sherlockiana" section

Else Faber 1900 - 4 oktober - 1985

Else Faber
1900 - 4 oktober - 1985

Pinkerton / Dansk Forfatterforening
København, Denmark
40 pages, 1985
ISBN : 87-88469-06-9

Else Faber,  by Tage la Cour
Jeg er en kærlig heks,  by Chili Turéll
Mordet i kurhuset,  by Else Faber
Else Faber bibliografi,  by Bjarne Nielsen

23 novembre 2014

Dashiell Hammett ( Pinkerton, 1979 )


Dashiell Hammett

Antikvariat Pinkerton
København, Denmark
26 pages,1979

Dashiell Hammett,  by Per Callum
Den erotiske detektivroman,  by Tom Kristensen
Bibliografi,  by Bjarne Nielsen
illustrations by Erik Termansen

Bibliography in black

Bjarne Nielsen

Bibliography in black
The works of Cornell Woolrich

Antikvariat Pinkerton
Copenhagen, Denmark
40 pages, 1988
ISBN : 87-88469-10-7

The locked room. About Cornell Woolrich,  by Dan Turèll
Gotham fugue,  by Donald A. Yates

     A. Novels
     B. Short story collections and omnibus editions
     C. Short stories
     Woolrich / Irish / Hopley på dansk
          Engelske titler
Sources used for this bibliography

Kriminallitteraturens Kavalkade

T.H. la Cour-Mogensen
( Tage la Cour & Harald Mogensen )

Kriminallitteraturens Kavalkade
Kriminal- og detektivhistorien
i billeder og tekst

København, Denmark
176 pages, 1983
ISBN : 8715-07566-4

Detektivhistoriens fader
Dommer Dee Goong An
Politiet var ikke opfundet
Galejslave og detektiv
Det uløste Drood-mysterium
Fire slags detektiver
Nick Carter griber Colt'en
Jekyll, Hyde og Dracula
Kom, Watson, kom
Gentleman-tyv og fræk journalist
Jernvognen og skovsøen
Opfindsomhed med detektiver
Kvindelige gennembrud i USA
Agenternes første trin
Det hårdkogte gennembrud i USA
Damerne står stærkest
Mirakuløs hittepåsomhed
Maigret og hans kunstner
Krimi-digtere i gangster-land
Spiongenren- og verdenshistorien
Det blodskudte gennembrud
En helt ny slags krimi
Gothiske gysere : piger i fare
Freud, fædre og sønner
Blodig leg og virkelighed
Detektiven der myrdes
Kvinder skriver krimier
Nyeste detektiver i broget optog
Spionen der kom ind med guldet
Agentromanens gennembrud
Andre bøger om krimi

Mord og Mysterier

Harald Mogensen

Mord og Mysterier
Den danske krimis historie

Forlaget Centrum
Viby, Denmark
160 pages, 1983
ISBN : 87-583-0122-4

Kapitel 1 : Hvad skovsøen gemte
Kapitel 2 : Mord, mysterier og den skønne skræk
Kapitel 3 : Mange slags detektiver - og kvindelige gysere
Kapitel 4 : Med ris skulle man piske disse elendige karle...
Kapitel 5 : Gæstespil, hørespil og "spisekammer-krimier"
Kapitel 6 : Karen Blixen og de "gotiske" tabuer
Kapitel 7 : Mord er den bedste underholdning
Kapitel 8 : Drevet til det yderste
Kapitel 9 : Pludselig at se sit navn på en gravsten
Kapitel 10 : En grøderegn af krimi-debutanter
Kapitel 11 : Aktuel kriminalitet og nye krimiforfattere
Kapitel 12 : Frækt kup, slingrevals og hemmelig muldvarp